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Fast English Challenge

English Jp

What is 'Fast English Challenge'

'Fast English Challenge' is an online training to enhance your listenins skills.

I can read and write English to a certain extent.
But I still struggle to understand native speakers or English spoken in dramas
However, I can understand the meaning when I read English subtitles.

English is a language spoken at a very fast pace with strong accents and liaison, where the sounds of words blend into the following ones. As a result, even if you can understand written English, you might have difficulty comprehending spoken English. I, too, struggled with listening comprehension for a long time.

That's why I developed the 'Speed English Challenge.' In this program, you first listen to the content at double speed, and then gradually slow it down to 1.7x and 1.2x. With practice, you'll be able to keep up with even the fastest English speakers.

It's similar to practicing hitting a 160 km/h fastball in baseball to be able to hit a 150 km/h one. Give the Speed English Challenge a try and improve your listening skills!

Daily Challenge

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You can use this programm for free. With no logging in.

No sounds?

I recommend use this on Microsof Edge or Google Chrome. You can try the program on Youtube.


  • 2023/4/6 Adding daily challenge.
  • 2023/2/21 Alpha version released.